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Featured News|2009
Bright Ideas

Even in the rarefied world of businesspeople who start multiple companies, Bill Gross stands out.

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eSolar Named World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer 2010

Award Honors Company's Innovation and Global Impact.

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California's Clean Energy Future

Bill Gross discussing California's Clean Energy Future.

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Shrink-Reducing LaneHawk System Now Available with NCR POS and Self-Checkout Solutions

NCR Advanced Checkout Solution and NCR SelfServ Checkout integrated with system that helps eliminate losses from items left in bottom of checkout baskets.

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Energy Innovations achieves world-leading efficiency with new Sunflower HCPV system

Latest generation of module achieves 29% conversion efficiency.

More > Gets A Real-Time Makeover, a news blog aggregator and directory, is adding real-time functionality to its site to engage users.

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Bill Gross on our Green Moment

The founder of Idealab discusses companies hiding in their shells and doubling down on thermal power.

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Top E-Tailer of Online Replacement Parts Provider Expands Into International Markets

Partsearch Technologies announces international expansion with the launch of a Canadian website,

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3D Systems Acquires Key Desktop Factory Assets

3D Systems plans to continue to develop Desktop Factory's technology and integrate this breakthrough technology into its expanding family of desktop and professional 3-D Printers.

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X1 Technologies Announces General Availability of eDiscovery Search Suite

New product offering from X1 provides a simple, cost effective solution for information management and identification of data for eDiscovery.

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When Amazon Bought Zappos, Also Came In The Box

When Amazon paid $928 million for Zappos in July, it got a little something extra in the box: the domain.

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eSolar's green edge; critter friendly solar farms

eSolar's strategy of building relatively small-scale modular solar farms on privately owned agricultural land is also allowing it to avoid — so far — fights over endangered species that have slowed big solar power plants planned for federally owned land in the Mojave Desert.

More > Soars From #401 to #350 on Internet Retailers Top 500 List, the world's largest online parts retailer, has moved up the ranks of highly respected Internet Retailer's Top 500 List.

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Idealab rebounds with recent focus on clean technology

Entrepreneur Bill Gross' Pasadena firm has had its ups and downs. But it is energized since turning to clean tech, including ESolar, which is opening an innovative solar power facility in Lancaster.

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Showing Off With a Solar Thermal Salute

A picture was worth 24,000 mirrors when eSolar transformed a vast field of heliostats at its Southern California solar farm into a Fourth of July tableau of the American flag and the Statue of Liberty.

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Rivals band together to fight shoplifting rings

Evolution Robotics Retail's LaneHawk can tell if items are accidentally, or purposefully, hidden below a shopping cart's main basket.

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Solar Power

Harnessing the terawatts of energy we get from the sun.

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X1 Technologies Announces New CEO and Chairman Along With Additional Funding

X1 Technologies Names John Waller as CEO and Bill Gross as Chairman of the Board Along With Additional Capital Investment by Idealab.

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Jay Leno gives thumbs up to Aptera three-wheel plug-in electric car

Jay Leno: "Finally, a cool-looking electric car."

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Feeling The Urge To Print In 3-D

Print anything you need, from toys to parts to landscape and furniture designs. That's the vision of 3-D printing.

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Internet Brands Announces Entry Into Money and Business Vertical

Further Expansion Into High-Interest Consumer Categories Includes Two New Acquisitions.

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We Drive the Aptera, and It's a Real Car

If you’re the kind of person who loves to be the center of attention, the Aptera 2e is the car for you.

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Three Wheeled 'Aptera 2e' **Video**

Sleek electric car gets great mileage and a lot of attention.

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California's Innovative Ideas

Electric cars and solar power could help pull the state out of a recession.

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Energy Innovations Spins Out Solar Tracking Business Unit to Form RayTracker, Inc.

Company poised to capitalize on the burgeoning solar tracker market; appoints Kang Sun as CEO.

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eSolar Moves Into Indian Market With $30M Deal

eSolar has signed its second licensing and investment deal in as many weeks.

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Road & Track takes the Aptera 2e for a test drive

An exclusive drive of an aerodynamically slick electric vehicle that looks to change the world, three wheels at a time.

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