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Featured News|2015
Death, disaster and drugs: A recap of TED University 2015
What makes a good startup? Bill Gross is on the TED stage as he shares the surprising keys to success for startups. More >
3D Printing Redux:
How Idealab's New Matter Wants To Bring 3D To The Masses More >
How to Outsource Your Digital Signage Installation
Depending on the complexity of your digital signage installation, you may need some outside assistance. More >
Factual CEO: Machine Learning Could Upend Local Search
Gil Elbaz talks about the future of search, what role Yelp may play in it, and why he thinks machine learning will create a game changing product in the next 18 months. More >
4 Bold Ways to Court Business Investors
Coming up with a clever business idea isn't always enough. Sometimes you also have to get creative with securing money to get a venture off the ground. More >
Making the Connection
Local business leaders discuss Pasadena’s growing pull with sector’s startups and city’s advantages as steady alternative to Silicon Beach. More >
New company aims to bring 3-D printers to home users
New Matter, a company founded by Caltech alum Steve Schell (BS '01), is determined to make affordable, at-home 3-D printing a reality in the present. More >
Leading Consumer 3D Printing Company, New Matter, Raises $6.5M in Series A Funding
Alsop Louie Partners Leads Investment to Launch New Matter's Affordable, End-to-End 3D Printing Ecosystem in 2015 More >
A must see for 5 year olds that want to be programmers.
10 LA accelerators, incubators and startup studios to jumpstart your company
These accelerators/incubators are looking for the next best thing. More >
Jeff Kerr Creates Amazing 3D Printed Frankenstein Light Switch on Prototype MOD-t 3D Printer
Tasked with testing out the 3rd generation of the MOD-t prototype, Jeff decided to creating a very interesting design; a design for a Frankenstein Light Switch Plate, and it is quite incredible. More >
4 Ecommerce Entrepreneurs I Admire
Top 20 Things I Learned at Davos 2015
Bill Gross shares his insights from the World Economic Forum 2015. More >
Indiegogo startup debuts cheap, eco-friendly 3D printer
Following a successful Indiegogo campaign(with $683,804 raised), New Matter is set to release their 3D printer, the MOD-t, this Spring. More >
How 14 Successful Entrepreneurs Discovered Their Life Purpose
Nanxi Liu - Realizing My Love for Building More >
The 10 Coolest New Tech Products at CES
New Matter’s MOD-t 3D Printer, the most-funded design to date on any crowd-funding site, connects via wifi to an online marketplace where you can shop, download, and print objects in the comfort of your home. More >
The Case for Radical Transparency: Why an Open-Book Culture Helps My Company Succeed
Making your company's information publicly available can help strengthen your team ethos. More >
X1 Registers Record Sales Year with Explosive Growth
X1’s Enterprise Search and eDiscovery Solutions for Virtual and Traditional Environments See Strong Demand and Validation from New and Expanded Customers More >
The Top Ten Tech Entrepreneurs Based in LA – or – How LA Will Change The Country
The Top Ten Tech Entrepreneurs Based in LA – or – How LA Will Change The Country
9 CEOs, founders and executives predict what's next for LA tech in 2015
Gil Elbaz, CEO and founder of Factual More >
#36 Factual More >
#62 Enplug More >
#TechTuesday – 4 Ways to Attract and Retain World-Class Engineers (on a Startup Budget)
You want the top talent but you’re short on funds. How can you attract the best engineers when you’re on a budget? More >
5 Lessons From the Best Brands on Social Media in 2015
Here are the 5 best brands on social media for 2015, and something you can learn from each of them! More >
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